coating chemicals

The development of solvent free products is one of the most significant advances in the coating industry. Water based coatings are now used worldwide in many diverse applications. Acrylic emulsions have now become the premium binders for high - performance water based coatings because of their unique blend of properties: Quality, Versatility, Easy to formulate, Environmentally friendly.

At Abhilash Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., we have been manufacturing Acrylics for the Leather and Textile industries for over two decades now and consider acrylics to be our core competency.

We now offer strong products for the Coating Industry, dedicated to help our customers achieve their business objectives. Our product portfolio includes

  • Pure acrylic binders
  • Styrene acrylic binders
  • VAM based binders
  • Emulsion thickeners
  • Dispersants

We are committed to our customers and our strength lies in the fact that our product portfolio offers a very good balance between quality, performance and value for money.