From inception in 1988, the company has always concentrated on developing manufacturing infrastructure needed to efficiently produce the basket of products we are traditionally well placed in - and have continually put in effort & resources to develop our site in Madurai into a world class chemical manufacturing complex.

Today the Complex in Madurai is over 82 acres (34 hectares or 344,000 sq. m) of enclosed land - well spaced out production complexes, common administration, maintenance, utilities, Laboratory infrastructure.

Our API manufacturing facility in Madurai has been conceived and commissioned with the most stringent regulatory requirements in mind and is at par with the best, in terms of machinery specifications, water, materials and energy management practices and with regards to Environmental Impact. Our plant is operated on a zero discharge principle.

Some of the production capabilities in the main site include,

  • Synthetic resins for specialty applications
  • Spray drying facility (Approximately 10 tons per day)
  • Fat liquors (Bisulphitation / Sulphonation of oils)
  • Bulk polymers (Acrylic polymers in various forms)
  • Emulsion (Water based architectural, specialty resins)
  • Resins (Solvent based resins for performance coatings)
  • API plants (2 blocks)
  • Effluent treatment and incinerators