knoxcryl ms130
(Universal Aqueous acrylic binder)

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Chemical Nature


Aqueous copolymer emulsion which thickens with ammonia

Film Hardness


Medium Soft

Active matter


30 ± 1%

pH (1:10 solution)


7.0 - 7.5



Readily soluble in cold water

Storage & Stability


It has a shelf life of 12 months if it is stored in its original packing at temperatures of less than 40°C. Containers should be tightly closed each time after taking the material for use. And their content should be used as soon as possible after the container is opened.

Properties:  KNOXCRYL MS130 has an excellent adhesion to the leather surface.  It imparts a smooth feel with good filling, good wet and dry rub fastness properties. It produces thin film with slight body resulting in smooth surface.

Leather finished with KNOXCRYL MS130 has a high flextural endurance. It has good resistance to hot plating and ensures better plate release. For thickening, the binder should be diluted prior to the addition of diluted solution of liquor ammonia. KNOXCRYL MS130 thus thickened finds application in curtain coating of leathers as well as in finishing of splits.

KNOXCRYL MS130 can be used either alone or as main component of a binder mixture on almost all types of leather because it flow out evenly.

KNOXCRYL MS130 can be used in the application of corrected and full grain leather and also for splits and for smooth finishes.

KNOXCRYL MS130 can also be used for garment leather which gives good covering without affecting the feel. This product can be used along with the combination of our KNOXCRYL 133 and KNOXCRYL C136. The combination and quantity of resins can be altered depending on the type of finish required.