Leather Chemicals

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Leather Chemicals in India, and have been catering to the often demanding and constantly changing needs of the Leather Industry. We offer extensive, end to end solutions for the Leather Industry with our product line extending right from the beam house to finishing operations.

Our ABHITAN range of syntans, POLYEOL range of fat liquors and KNOX range of pigments and finishes offer what probably is the best all around package for a tanner in terms of high performance and cost efficiency. With an almost unlimited range of bates, powder / liquid syntans, fat liquors , auxiliaries, finishes and colour pigment, our leather chemical portfolio is the epitome of our efforts to constantly reinvent ourselves and offer the best possible
all - around value to our customers.

We now have a strong, countrywide presence and have dedicated customers around the globe from East Asia, China to North America.