our commitment

Enhanced Application support

With over 2 decades of industry presence with our core range of retanning products we have establishments and distribution channels across all major leather centers in Asia. We do our best to stay on top of all current technology and market trends. Our customer service group based in India is always available to assist you.

For Eco Friendly Leather

We always advocate eco - friendly leather production practices. Wherever possible we design products for cleaner tanning, better exhaustion of active materials in the float, waste avoidance and environmentally friendly disposal methods.

Sustainable manufacturing facilities

All our production plants are located within our manufacturing estate in Madurai. The facility produces nearly 10,000 tons of speciality chemicals for customers in over 20 countries worldwide, every year. It is has carefully established product stream integration, central EMS, water recycling and resource optimization schemes in place. It is zero discharge.

Product Quality

Our plants supply products to extremely stringent, tightly regulated industries including Pharmaceuticals & Performance coatings. We have fully equipped R&D and Quality control facilities and perform stringent checks on raw materials and finished products as well as release testing & screening for restricted substances & SVHCs.

Consumer protection, RS & REACH

  • Proven 'Formaldehyde safe' syntan range
  • All products free of SVHCs / Restricted Substances including APEOs / NPEOs / Pthalates / Heavy metals / Banned amines
  • Comprehensive, constantly updated RS policy
  • Can assist with REACH related due diligence, queries and understanding of obligations
  • Safety data for all products in accordance with GHS (Globally Harmonized System) requirements available